Both Karen and Claire have the qualifications required to carry out all of the treatments listed on our website. Karen is a Podiatrist with HCPC registration and qualified to practice in the late 80’s(!) A podiatrist (also known as chiropodist) is the highest level of qualification in the specialism of foot health care and enables Karen to administer injections such as local anaesthetic and perform minor surgery as well as prescribing medications. As we are a domiciallary practice(pffering home visits only) we are unable to offer any of these services as it would be very difficult to do so without a practice. Karen is also an associate f the royal society of medicine and attends regular CPD lectures as well as being a fully trained ambulance first responder.

Karen is also Health Care Professional Council registered which means she has to adhere to strict guidelines.


Claire qualified as a foot health practitioner in 2008, this means that she has carried out extensive training in foot health care and has over 12 years experience. Whilst Claire is fully qualified and insured to carry out all of the treatments we offer, her qualification means that she is not trained to administer some of the additional treatments that a podiatrist can, such as local anaesthesia and nail removal, however we are unable to offer these services as a home visiting practice. Claire is a member of the institute of foot health practitioners and

a member of the association of foot health practitioners and regularly completes CPD courses to keep her knowledge up to date.

Yes, we are both fully insured and qualified to carry out all of the treatments that we offer as a domiciallary practice.

Yes! We have everything we need in our magic cases!

Two chairs and a towel please, we will sit directly in front of you and work with your foot resting on our lap on a towel. Don’t worry f you struggle to raise your leg into the correct position, we will help you to find a position that is comfortable and please don’t worry about putting your weight on us- we are tough!

In advance of your visit we will ask you to fill out the medical history form if you can (don’t worry too much if you don’t have a printer, this can be done over the telephone or in person) this is an extensive form where you will need to let us know about any illnesses you may have or medications you are taking. We will then carry out as assessment of your foot including a diabetic screening before we begin the treatment, and we may even ask you to walk up and down so that we can analyse your gait.

It depends on the condition o your feet. If you are unable to take care of them yourself or you have a problem which requires regular treatment, then we advise you to have them looked at every 6-8 weeks, this will also give your nails a good chance to grow!

Yes- before each visit and tools that we will be suing on your feet are first cleaned in an ultrasonic bath before being sterilized in an autoclave. We also clean the inside an outside of our cases between visits.

This depends on the condition of your feet and is likely to take anwhere from 25-40 minutes.

We have drastically reduced the number of patients we are seeing per day. This allows us to sterilize all of our equipment between visits. Depending on the current guidelines we may wear shoe coverings, a gown, gloves and safety goggles for your appointment and we will always wear a mask. We also ask that our patients wear a mask for the duration of their treatment, whilst we feel terrible asking people to wear a mask in their own home, it is in the best interests of our patients and our practitioners. If possible, we will ask you to open a window and keep the area well ventilated.

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