Frequently Asked Questions

What do your qualifications Mean?

Karen is a Podiatrist with HCPC registration which is the highest level of qualification in the specialism of foot health care. Karen is also Health Care Professional Council registered which means she has to adhere to strict guidelines.

Claire qualified as a foot health practitioner in 2008, this means that she has carried out extensive training in foot health care and has over 12 years experience.  Claire is fully qualified and insured to carry out all of the treatments we offer. Claire is a member of the institute and association of foot health practitioners and regularly completes CPD courses to keep her knowledge up to date.

Do you bring everything you need with you for my appointment?

Yes, we have everything we need in our cases. All you need to provide are two chairs and a towel. We will sit directly in front of you and work with your foot resting on our lap on a towel. Don’t worry f you struggle to raise your leg into the correct position, we will help you to find a position that is comfortable.

How long will my appointment take?

This depends on the condition of your feet and is likely to take anwhere from 25-40 minutes.

Do you sterilise your equipment?

Yes- before each visit and tools that we will be using on your feet are first cleaned in an ultrasonic bath before being sterilised in an autoclave. We also clean the inside an outside of our cases between visits.

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